Confidence Coaching for Smaller Dogs

Helping your small dog feel like a big dog!

Do you feel like you're being judged when your dog won't stop barking?

Are you upset or worried about growling, biting or nipping?

Are you feeling out of your depth and don't know where to start?

Perhaps you're feeling determined that your small breed puppy won't to grow into one of 'those' little dogs but not sure how to achieve this

You're not alone!  When I first brought my dog home from the rescue it was hard to know where to start. She barked at literally everything, even her own reflection!

I was worried I couldn't give her the home she needed, I felt guilty about the restrictions she was placing on my young family. And there were so many things she found difficult it was really quite exhausting at times. But with time and patience she got there.

So I understand how you feel. I'm here to help you and your dog get your confidence back. 

 I'll show you training approaches which will build your dog's confidence in themselves and your confidence in your dog helping you both feel more relaxed

I'll help you increase their tolerance of things they find difficult such handling visitors, noise, or things they encounter on walks

I will show you strategies that will help you and your dog handle difficult situations

Let's prove that small dogs are just as much 'dog' as bigger ones!



£165 (Block of 3 coaching sessions)

Three private coaching sessions tailored for you, your dog and your circumstances.

Sessions are at your home or on your walk, so you'll learn strategies that help you in real life situations


Flexible scheduling so you don't need to worry about having to commit to a fixed day, time or location

Suitable for:

- Puppies

- Teen Tearaways

- Fizzy dogs who need a job

- Senior dogs - no, it's not too late!

Email or phone support between sessions including liaison with other professionals such as vets or groomers as needed.


£295 (3 coaching sessions plus 4 weeks of weekly rambles)

I get it. You know the sorts of walks your dog needs to feel better about the world, but with work, the kids and other family commitments it's so hard to find the time.

When you choose me for private coaching sessions, I can help you with that too. You can relax knowing your hard work won't be compromised and that you're entrusting your dog to someone who is both professional and discreet.

We'll go for a ramble in the forest; play, train and sniff. These walks are not a free-for-all. They are all about giving your dog mental stimulation and enrichment, proven to improve learning and memory, increase self-control and reduced anxiety.


Your dog will enjoy their lunchtime ramble with up to 2 other compatible dogs, learning to just 'be' around other dogs rather than learning to view every dog they come across as a potential play opportunity.

Lunch time rambles are offered exclusively to people who have completed at least 3 coaching sessions so you can be assured the dogs your dog is spending with are happy to socialise and owned by people who are just as conscientious as you.

Limited availability


Ron, New Forest

Our dog was a very nervous dog from Romania. With help from Rachel he is a happy and relaxed dog now. Thank you Rachel

Ashli, Bursledon

Rachel is absolutely wonderful! Everything about her and her services is 10/10.  

From her communication, to the actual dog training itself.

Dexter is our first dog, and we got him at 6 months old (so he came to us with a few bad habits!)

Rachel explained things to us in a way we understood, but she didn't make us feel guilty about anything we'd done (or hadn't done) .

She's helped us so much, we'll definitely be using her services again!

Michael, New Forest

Rachel is an accomplished and highly professional dog trainer. She is friendly, patient and knowledgeable and gears her training towards the dogs and their family rather than following a script. We would unhesitatingly recommend Rachel to others

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