Dog Training and Behaviour Services



Training and support for you at home and on your walks. I can help you with:

- Puppy biting

- Toilet training

- Settling alone

- Sleep and routines

- Lead pulling and recall

- Preventing common problems

Includes written plan following first session, tailored to your puppy's individual needs. You can also contact me via telephone or email if you have any questions or problems between sessions

£50 per session



I don't always need to meet your dog to be able to offer you help and advice. Virtual training consultations have several advantages; they are easier to schedule around work, it's easier to involve the whole family, it's less stressful for anxious dogs and you don't need to worry about mess or what your dog might do to the visitor!. 


We can use whichever medium you are most comfortable with; Zoom, a phone call or; if you are deaf, hard of hearing or just don't like talking on the phone, a typed chat via my website or Whatsapp.

During an online training and behaviour consultation I can help you with:

- Getting ready for a new puppy or rescue dog and helping them settle in including deciding which breeds to consider

- Preparing your dog for a new baby

- Puppy problems

- Separation anxiety

- Helping you assess what help you need and who from

If, after the initial appointment, I believe you do need to see someone in person, I will always tell you and either arrange to see you myself or put you in touch with another reputable trainer or behaviourist near you. I will always prioritise your dog's needs and yours over commercial interests.

I will either record the call or provide you with a written report, whichever is easiest.

£45 (approx 1 hr)

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One-to-one dog training and behaviour support at your home or on a walk. 

Usually the first session will be at your home (or Zoom) to help with gathering information about your dog's history, health, diet and routines.

Many behaviour problems are linked to how a dog is feeling rather then how much training they have had. Fear, anxiety and pain affect their ability to cope and learn as much as ours. 

Location of sessions will depend on your dog's individual needs. I can help with:

- Training problems such as pulling on the lead, recall and jumping up

- Helping a new rescue dog to settle in and overcoming common problems

- Other problems like barking, over excited behaviours, digging and chewing, guarding or running away with items and separation issues.

- Helping children and dogs get along together to prevent accidents and address over excited or stressed behaviours

Includes written training plan following first session, tailored to your dog's individual needs. You can also contact me via telephone or email if you have questions or problems between sessions 

£50 per session



As a working mum and someone who used to work full time in London, I fully appreciate the challenge of trying to find the time and energy for dedicated training sessions.

Dog training is a bit like baking, I can give you the ingredients and the instructions but the results can vary according to various factors. Factors which I also teach you about when I am working with you.


Timing of communication, the choice of reward and the way it is delivered, knowing when to raise or lower criteria are all factors which can accelerate or slow down progress.


I am often told I make it look easy but that is because I work with different dogs every day, all with different learning rates, personalities and motivations so I have lots of practice at timing and knowing what to change and when, to get the best out of your dog.

If you are working with me on a one-to-one basis, you have the option of adding in extra walks with me, where I work with your dog to help accelerate the learning process. 

This service isn't available on it's own because dogs are really good at discriminating. In other words, without consistency, your dog will behave differently for me then for you which isn't at all helpful to you!

£25 (30 minutes)

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Perhaps you missed puppy training because of Covid, you might have recently taken on a rescue dog, or maybe you've been doing fine with your training but are now struggling with adolescence.

This block of 4 sessions is designed to fast track you through the skills that will help you with training your dog. It will cover:

- How to communicate in a way that makes it really clear to your dog what you want from them

- Breaking down loose lead training into small and achievable steps

- Improving recall 

- Settling in pubs, cafes and when visiting people

- Introduction to some fun training games you can do at home when walking your dog might be harder (for example when you or your dog are unwell or recovering from injury or surgery)

£180 for 4 sessions


**The rising cost of living is a huge concern for lots of people at the moment and so all block bookings are currently available on a pay-as-you-go basis. Since most people book blocks of 3 sessions at a time (recommended), I have also simplified my pricing so the cost is the same however many sessions you book**

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