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Hi, I'm Rachel and I specialise in helping and training smaller breed dogs, building their confidence and helping them reach for the sky. I'm a qualified IMDT trainer, an Approved Dog Trainer (Dog Training College) and have a Level 4 OCN qualification in Canine Behaviour.

I founded Pear Tree Pets in 2014 after leaving my insurance job in London and moving to the beautiful New Forest after my husband's employer shut down.

Pear Tree Pets started as a home boarding business and evolved into dog training as I undertook more qualifications and courses.


I grew up with dogs of all sizes, from Papillon to Rottweiler but do have a soft spot for smaller dogs and their often, determined, independent nature!

My decision to specialise in small dogs was inspired by my rescue terrier, Hope, entrusted to me by the amazing rescue, Glendee Rescue and Rehoming. She was a little piranha who barked at literally everything and had little tolerance of handling. Finish the sentence "How can I stop my dog from...." with a behaviour problem and she had it. It was hard to know where to start! So, rest assured, I know how you feel! But through confidence building, time and patience she's now happy and relaxed. She's tried scent work, gundog, tracking, agility and more, proving that small dogs are just as capable as big dogs.


You might be feeling:

- Overwhelmed by all the well-meaning but conflicting opinions from Google, social media or family and friends

- Upset and confused when your sweet little dog seems to snap out of the blue

- Embarrassed or exhausted when your dog stop biting

- Scared your dog is going to hurt someone or another animal

- Determined your small breed puppy will grow into a happy and confident adult

But where do you begin?


You've come to the right place!

I’m here to take the guesswork out of training, saving you time and energy in the long term. Through working with me, you'll learn:

- Why small dogs have to raise their voices more than bigger dogs

- Puppy training approaches which will help prevent common small dog problems

- Ways of building their confidence to help them recover from previous negative experiences, feel more relaxed and help them learn new skills and coping strategies

This will also increase your confidence, helping you to enjoy a long and stress-free relationship

I offer a premium, professional service, only working on a one-to-one basis or in small groups, so whether you’re looking for individual help or a class, you can be assured that you will be given the time and attention you need.

Private coaching services are at your home or on your walks, in the New Forest and Southampton areas. 

Group coaching services are held at privately owned, outdoor venues near Dibden in the New Forest and West End, Southampton

If you're further away, I can still help. Coaching via Zoom is good for dogs who are nervous or who get overexcited around visitors. It means you can concentrate on what we're discussing rather than worrying about what your dog is doing. And when it comes to training techniques, I can demonstrate with my own dog and then you can follow and get feedback from me about what to tweak. 


Ron & Robin

Our dog was a very nervous dog from Romania. With help from Rachel he is a happy and relaxed dog now. Thank you Rachel

Lucy & Bear

Rachel has been a great help and support for us when we had behavioural issues with our dog. After a long chat she gave us a list of suggestions to tweak the way we were doing things with her, from food, to walking, and others. This helped us relieve multiple potential stress areas. 

She was also incredibly helpful in finding us a vet.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rachel, our dog is doing much, much better and now waiting for surgery on her leg. Thank you : )

Ashli & Dexter

Rachel is absolutely wonderful! Everything about her and her services is 10/10.  From her communication, to the actual dog training itself.Dexter is our first dog, and we got him at 6 months old (so he came to us with a few bad habits!) Rachel explained things to us in a way we understood, but she didn't make us feel guilty about anything we'd done (or hadn't done) .

She's helped us so much, we'll definitely be using her services again!

Qualifications and Accreditations

IMDT Dog Trainer
UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter
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I am a fully qualified IMDT trainer, an Approved Dog Trainer with the Dog Training College and have a Level 4 OCN in Canine Behaviour. I continually update my knowledge through courses and study to bring you the most up-to-date and effective methods of training your dog. I am currently studying towards Level 5.

I am committed to promoting kind, ethical, evidence based, modern methods of working with dogs and with people. I am a proud supporter of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter and the Pet Professional Guild.