About Me


Pear Tree Pets was established in 2014 and covers the New Forest, Romsey, Eastleigh and Southampton areas of Hampshire. My services include one-to-one behaviour support and training for puppies and older dogs, training walksclasses and online/remote training advice and support.

For 13 years, I worked in the insurance industry, eventually leaving my job in London to move to the New Forest following the closure of the refinery my husband worked on. I needed to work around my then, young children and having always loved dogs and grown up around them I decided to set up a dog walking and home boarding business. Very soon, I started seeing the problems that dogs and their owners were struggling with and I wanted to learn more so I knew how to help them. I attended my first course with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) in 2015 and was hooked and since then have completed many more courses, becoming a fully qualified IMDT trainer in 2019 and passing the Level 4 OCN qualification in Behaviour Consultations and Functions of Behaviour in the same year. I am currently studying towards the Level 5 qualification in Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour.


In 2017, I fostered and then adopted our little terrier cross Hope from the fantastic rescue Glendee Dog Rescue. At 20 weeks old, she was scared of the outside world and everything in it, being a terrier this meant barking at everything! She was also quite averse to being handled and a bit of a piranha! I began the long process of building up her confidence, restarting puppy socialisation but from a much greater distance and teaching her that she didn't need to use her teeth to communicate with me.  Now 5 years old, she is affectionate, resilient...and a champion couch potato! Although she is also fantastic at scentwork and will search for and indicate on peppermint teabags and gun oil. (Ask me if you want me to show you how to teach this).

Training and behaviour problems are a symptom not a diagnosis and so it is important that the root cause is addressed. There is significant overlap between pain, anxiety and behaviour problems and so depending on what you are asking for help with, I may ask you to see your vet.

As a working mum and someone who used to work full time in London, I fully appreciate the challenges of trying to fit training into an already hectic schedule. For me, ensuring you understand your dog, how to help them and are given a training plan that works for you is paramount. The good news is that your dog doesn't know when they are 'training' or not, so many of the exercises and changes I will teach you are ones that can be incorporated into your usual daily routines.


I am also a strong advocate of teaching children how to 'speak dog' both to prevent bites and also promote the very special relationship that children can have with dogs when they know how to listen to each other. 

If you're not sure what sort of help you need or can't find what you are looking for, send me a message via the enquiry form below or book in a quick call to ask me any questions, no obligations involved.

Qualifications and Experience



  • Open College Network Level III qualification 'Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement’

  • Open College Network Level IV Qualification 'Behaviour Consultations and Functions of Behaviour'

  • Currently studying for Open College Network Level V Qualification 'Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour'

Continual Professional Development:

  • Currently researching and studying for Level 5 OCN (c12hrs/week) (IMDT)

  • Neurons and Neurotransmitters/Pharmacology webinar (IMDT)

  • Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs during Covid (Malena DeMartini)

  • Cool, Calm, Connected; An ACE approach to Reactivity (Sarah Fisher)

  • 30 Days of Canine Science (School of Canine Science)

  • Relabelling Reactivity (Kamal Fernandez)

  • Canine Wellness (Dr Isla Fishburn)

  • 2 Day Qualified Trainer Membership Assessment (IMDT)

  • Understanding our Companion Animals: Ethology, Welfare and Training Conference (University of Winchester)

  • IMDT Dog Trainers and Behaviourists Conferences, 2017, 2018, 2019 (IMDT)

  • Loose Lead workshop (IMDT)

  • Recall workshop (IMDT)

  • Perfect Puppy (IMDT)

  • Interactive Play workshop (Craig Ogilvie)

  • Behavioural Case Studies Day (IMDT)

  • Fear (School of Canine Science)

  • 6 day Advanced Training and Behaviour (IMDT)

  • Impulse Control (IMDT)

  • Dog Rescue and Rehabilitation (IMDT)

  • Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation (IMDT)

  • Signals of Pre-emptive Aggression webinar (Sarah Whitehead)

  • Dog play, sex and conflict webinar (Sarah Whitehead)

  • 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer (IMDT)

I continually update my knowledge to bring you the most up-to-date and effective methods of training your dog.

Ethics and Social Responsibility

I am committed to promoting kind, ethical, evidence based, modern methods of working with dogs and with people. I am a proud supporter of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter and the Pet Professional Guild.

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