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Professional Dog Trainers and Walkers


Administration-related tasks including proofing/editing etc will be calculated at £30 per hour (but we will agree on the number of hours needed in advance so you can predict your costs). Time will be calculated to the nearest 15 minutes.

Covering classes will be £60 per class. I treat other people's businesses with the same care and attention I give my own so I won''t offer to teach something unless I am competent to do so.



- 5 pre-recorded webinars and quizzes about dog law, body language, puppies & adolescents, how dogs learn and accepting and introducing new dogs 

- Templates for booking forms, consent forms, accounting and invoicing

- Articles about problems including lead pulling and jumping up

- Links to useful websites and articles

- Private forum for asking questions/sharing problems

My background

I set up my business in 2014, originally as a dog walking and home boarding business but then evolving into training, the more courses and qualifications I undertook. 

Before that I worked in the insurance industry for 13 years and was a Chartered Insurer. I worked across numerous business areas across regional offices and Head Office. My experience includes sales, customer services, complaints management, analysis, developing automated reporting systems, market research, event planning, identifying and implementing business improvements, coordination of large, cross-divisional projects, managing people, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders and more.

The business acumen I gained through this has been transferrable to setting up and running my own business and helping others organise theirs.

Why do you want to help other dog trainers?

Like most trainers, I became a dog trainer because I wanted to help dogs. According to a recent survey by the PDSA, there are an estimated 10.2 million pet dogs in the UK. With the rise in dogs following lockdown, there is no shortage of dogs needing help! I compete with myself, to continually improve my skills and I collaborate with others, referring clients on when I think another trainer offers a service they would benefit from. This, I believe, is the best way to help dogs and the best way to contribute to the reputation and perception of the industry. 

Aside from that, I love organising, creating and analysing! There are aspects of my previous job I really enjoyed and miss (not the commuting!) and this seemed like a great opportunity to combine the two!

What can you help me with?

My diverse life and work experience means I also have a diverse range of skills, combining business experience with dog training and behaviour knowledge.

If you are a Professional Dog Trainer or Behaviourist I can help with things like:

- Class and event planning

- Written communications to clients (report templates, email responses, handouts etc)

- Proofing and editing articles and content on website and social media for grammar, spelling, terminology and factual accuracy 

- Streamlining admin processes

- Assessing viability for potential changes such as whether to employ someone, outsource or find a new system/process

- Covering classes when you are unwell or on holiday (Hampshire only)

- DIY solutions for websites, flyers, business cards and other marketing when you want to get something off the ground without large expenses

If you are a Professional Dog Walker or hoping to become one, I can help you things like:

- Setting up and running new dog walking business, including what laws you need to know about

- Access to my pre-recorded webinars and quizzes about body language, introducing dogs, knowing whether to take on certain dogs, puppies and more

- Templates for booking, consent forms and accounting and invoicing

- Problems you may be experiencing with a particular dog or on group walks and what to do

- Helping you interpret guidance such as the Animal Welfare Licensing Regulations if you are thinking about offering home boarding

- Assessing viability for potential changes such as whether to employ someone or what to charge for a new service

How to book or get more information

Dog Walkers can access my online resources using the Book and Pay now button below. As soon as I receive the notification I will contact set up your access. If you'd like to explore how I can help you, you can use the 'Enquire now' button or Book a call calendar and I will return your call/message.

Check out the Tips & Advice page for dog training articles as well as resources for children including how understanding the language of dogs help prevent bites and nips.

Feel free to share but please credit me by including a link

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