Professional Dog Walker

Code of Conduct

Members of the Canine Professionals' Community adhere to a Code of Conduct which promotes kind, ethical, professional treatment of both animals and humans and respectful treatment of local areas.

  • Dogs will be kept on lead or long line for the duration of their walk unless they can be reliably recalled away from people, other dogs, wildlife and livestock

  • Dogs will be put on lead when leaving and approaching car parks and when approaching other dogs who are on lead, horse riders, cyclists, picnics and children

  • The number of dogs walked at one time will be limited to the number that can be:

    • Kept under control at all times (at a distance from others, reliably recalled and kept within sight )

    • Walked on lead at the same time (for approaching car parks, other on lead dogs etc)

    • Covered by the Walker’s public liability insurance policy

  • Professional dog walkers will avoid areas which attract high numbers of walkers and dogs in  order to minimise impact on others, especially for group walks

  • Dogs will not be permitted to chase livestock, birds, deer or any other wildlife. Dogs will be kept within sight at all times

  • Professional Dog Walkers will heed Forestry Commission alerts which may include but are not limited to; drifts, release of stallions, closure of car parks/enclosures, controlled burning and avoiding areas where there are ground nesting birds

  • Professional Dog Walkers will observe the rules and standards set out by Acts of Parliament and local bylaws which protect dogs, people and other animals.

  • Dog Welfare will be prioritised over Commercial interests at all times 

  • If the Professional Dog Walker encounters training and behaviour problems which are beyond their qualification and experience level, they will refer the client to an accredited and qualified trainer or behaviourist 

  • Professional Dog Walkers will maintain a public liability insurance policy which covers them for the transport and walking of dogs. All those offering day care and home boarding services will be licensed by their local authority.


  • Professional Dog Walkers will pick up dog waste and dispose of it responsibly

  • Professional Dog Walkers will abide by the Highway Code by ensuring that all dogs are suitably restrained when being transported in vehicles. Vehicles will fit for purpose, adequately ventilated and with current insurance, tax and MOT.

  • Professional Dog Walkers will always carry a first aid kit in their vehicle, will know how to use it and will be registered with their local veterinary practice.

  • Professional Dog Walkers will treat customers, the public and fellow members and professionals with kindness, professionalism, integrity and respect.