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One-to-One Dog Training and Behaviour Solutions


Are you feeling exhausted? Wondering what you've let yourself in for?! Not sure where to start with puppy biting, crying or general training?

Lots of puppy owners feel like this but I can help you sort the wood out from the trees and show you the way to move forward.

Training is personalised to your puppy's personality and needs and to your circumstances


For older puppies and dogs over 6 months old.


Help with general obedience training such as pulling on the lead, recall, 'drop' or retrieve, 'stay' and similar skills.

Help with behaviour problems such as growling, barking, guarding, separation anxiety. 

Help with preparing dogs for life changes such as a new baby or puppy

Help with new rescue dogs


Learn how to train your dog from the comfort of your home. I am here to teach you, not your dog so there are lots of things I can help you with via Zoom.

Things I can help you with via Zoom include:

  • Prepare for a new puppy or dog including deciding which breed or age would suit you best

  • Chat through a behaviour or training problem

  • Know how to introduce training to a new puppy or dog and deal with common problems like puppy biting

  • Prepare your dog for life changes such as a new baby or puppy 

  • Know how to introduce your puppy to your children

  • Helping a new rescue dog settle and feel safe

  • Knowing what to start with when you are introducing training to your new dog or puppy  

Zooms are easier to fit around work, if your dog is nervous or excitable around new people it is easier for them to concentrate and learn, it makes it easier for you to concentrate when you don't need to worry about what your dog is doing


If you book a Zoom and then follow up with a one-to-one training session, the full cost of your Zoom will be credited towards your one-to-one.


Are you a dog trainer or dog walker?

Are there things you wish you had help with? Things you struggle with? Problems you wish you could get another perspective about?

Before I was a dog trainer, I was a dog walker and before that, I worked in the financial industry. I have experience in customer relations, risk management and compliance, project management, analysis, business improvement, managing people, producing written material, building my own website, planning events and more.

I can help you find ways to spend more time on the things you enjoy

I offer 10% off all one-to-one dog training services, Zooms and classes for NHS, emergency services, armed forces staff and other Blue Light card holders. Please email me with details to claim your discount on your booking. 

Check out the Tips & Advice page for articles about common problems as well as resources for children including how understanding the language of dogs help prevent bites and nips.

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