I am an IMDT qualified trainer, an Approved Dog Trainer with the Dog Training College and have a Level 4 OCN qualification in Canine Behaviour. My services include one-to-one behaviour support and training for puppies and older dogs, dog training classes, training walks and virtual training advice and support.

Whether your puppy is turning into a piranha, your arms are being slowly lengthened by a dog that keeps pulling or you have any questions that start with the words "how can I stop my dog from..." I am here to help.


Most of us are not seeking competition level obedience, we just want a dog who is a happy and contented member of our family, walks nicely on the lead, comes back when called and who we can have a bit of fun with as well.

For me, ensuring you understand your dog, how to help them and that I give you a training plan that works for you and your individual circumstances is paramount. Ultimately you are the one living with your dog, so my job is to teach you how to teach your dog and to understand what they are trying to tell you.

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