About Perfect Fit Harnesses

Perfect Fit dog harnesses come in three different sized pieces; a top, a front piece, and a girth allowing for a bespoke fit for almost any shape and size of the dog.

I recommend harnesses because there is less pressure on the dog's neck if they pull. Pressure on the neck makes it hard for them to concentrate on you and can create or increase reactivity towards other dogs. It can also cause damage to soft tissue and the thyroid gland.

If your dog doesn't like harnesses or being handled, please let me know. I can talk you through how to fit the harness.


If you'd like me to help you change how your dog feels about equipment and handling, or you'd like help with teaching your dog to stop pulling on the lead, then please ask me about incorporating a one-to-one training session with the harness fitting.

Is there a charge for fitting?

Fitting is free if you are training with me or have bought a harness from me before.

For a harness only, there is a £10 charge. 

I don't have premises so I travel to you to do the fitting

What is the cost of the harnesses?

Tiny dogs (Chihuahua, Terrier, small Cockerpoo) £35

Medium dogs (Spaniel, Working line Labrador, Staffordshire Bull Terrier) £45

Large dogs or dogs who are strong pullers (Labrador, German Shepherd, Newfoundland) £55

**The harnesses come in 3 pieces which can be purchased individually if you need to replace a piece. This also means that for growing puppies, you don't always have to replace the entire harness**

When will my order arrive?

I don't hold large amounts of stock so I order in the size and colour you'd like. You will usually receive your order within 7 working days. If you need it sooner than this, you can order directly from the Perfect Fit website. Their postage charges start at £3.55 for standard first-class post.