I am a supplier of Perfect Fit dog harnesses. Perfect Fit harnesses come in three different sized pieces; a top, a front piece and a girth, allowing for a bespoke fit for almost any shape and size of dog.

I recommend harnesses because there is less pressure on the dog's neck if they pull. If there is pressure on the neck this can create and increase reactivity towards other dogs. This is because they begin to associate the discomfort in their neck with the sight or smell of another dog rather than the behaviour of pulling.  It can also cause damage to soft tissue and the thyroid gland.

Contrary to what you might read on social media, harnesses do not teach the dog to pull. Harnesses and collars are just clothes, they don’t teach the dog how to do anything, they just make the dog feel more or less comfortable. It is us who do the teaching and if the dog feels comfortable, they are in a better state of mind for learning. If you do prefer a collar, then a flat collar is best.

Fittings are carried out at your home. If your dog has a negative association with harnesses or being handled, please let me know. I can talk you through how to fit the harness and how to change their feelings from a distance at which the dog feels safe.

Most fittings are incorporated into a training session so please ask if you would like to include this. I receive lots of enquiries from people whose dogs are struggling with loose lead walking or who dislike their current harness and run away from it. 


Often pulling on the lead is less to do with training and equipment and more to do with how dogs are feeling in particular environments and their arousal levels generally. By exploring the different ingredients with you and breaking the process of training down into small, achievable steps we can ensure that the root cause is addressed and that your new harness isn't added to a list of things 'tried but didn't work'.

Harness Prices

Tiny and small dogs (Chihuahua, Terrier, small Cockerpoo) £35

Medium dogs (Spaniel, Working line Labrador, Staffordshire Bull Terrier) £45

Large dogs or dogs who are strong pullers (Labrador, German Shepherd, Newfoundland) £55