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So, how much trouble can a pint-sized pooch actually be? As you've probably heard, quite a lot!


When I say to people  it's a bit like having a baby, but an incredibly agile one with sharp teeth they think I'm joking. Then when their puppy arrives they say "you weren't joking were you?" and then "I need your help!".


So you've come to the right place if:

- You want to know how to avoid joining the millions who search "How can I stop puppy biting?" on Google

- You wish you could have private coaching but can't afford the cost

- Your worried your smaller breed puppy will feel overwhelmed by a class full of bigger dogs
- You're determined to avoid common small dog problems and help your puppy grow into a calm and confident adult

Weekends are a challenge because they're so full up with kid's clubs, sports and family commitments it's hard to contemplate yet another commitment

But I know exactly how that feels so I have the solution!

Puppy Classes are 10am or 6pm, weekdays, term time only, giving you time to do the school run or other errands before you come. 

Classes are strictly limited to a maximum of 5 puppies, offering a compromise between a large group class and individual coaching

Smaller breed puppies have exclusive access to class but will get to meet a calm adult dog so you can relax knowing your puppy is getting an experience around a big dog that will help their confidence not hinder it

You'll learn all about common small dog problems, why they occur and how to avoid them to give you and your puppy the confidence to deal with difficult situations

You can look forward to achieving the dream you had when you pictured life with your puppy, of forest walks and cuddles on the sofa....not the whirling piranha you seem to have brought home by accident!

*All classes are outdoors on privately owned land allowing you safe practice for real life situations*

Got more questions? Check out the FAQ's below


  • Puppy Coaching Course: 10am New Forest
    09 Jan 2023, 10:00 – 10:45
    Applemore, Dibden, Southampton SO45 5TJ, UK
  • Puppy Coaching Course: 6pm West End
    Mon, 09 Jan
    West End, SO30
    09 Jan 2023, 18:00 – 18:45
    West End, SO30, Allington Ln, Fair Oak, UK
  • Puppy Coaching Course: 10am West End
    Thu, 12 Jan
    West End, SO30
    12 Jan 2023, 10:00 – 11:00
    West End, SO30, Allington Ln, Fair Oak, UK


Summer & Flake (WCS)

Both Flake & I greatly enjoyed the puppy classes. Rachel was very helpful and helped us work through several different issues we had during the time we were together. Initially when coming to puppy training classes I had a 4 month old puppy who was terrified of being away from me and extremely impatient, jumped up constantly and lacked control. I left the course with a puppy who was confident, happy and well behaved (80% of the time!). Rachel really helped me to connect with my puppy and to teach him and I how to come together as a team. The course focused on basic obedience training in addition to desensitisation towards objects and other animals on walks. Cannot recommend Rachel as a dog trainer enough! 

Pat & Max (Border Terrier)

The puppy class I attended gave my Border Terrier puppy good basic training and socialisation skills. Due to this, many people have since commented on how calm Max is when I take him out to social venues, such as restaurants etc. Rachel is very helpful and happy to give extra advice and address any specific problems. I would recommend her puppy class for both first time and long-term dog owners. 

Read more reviews on www.findadogtrainer.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an experienced dog owner. Do I really need a puppy class?

Research shows that puppies who have attended a puppy class are less likely to show nervousness or fear responses than those who don't. Following lockdown, we have certainly seen evidence of this, with a significant increase in enquiries for help with adolescents who were struggling. But it's not just about exposing them to lots of things, experiences must be positive. Negative experiences in the first 16 weeks can have lifelong effects. This is why dog trainers also take their puppies to a puppy class.


Puppy classes can save you time, money and energy in the long-term by helping you understand and predict problems, nipping them in the bud before they develop.

What age is best to start puppy classes?

As soon as possible! So puppies are welcome once they've had their first set of vaccinations. The critical period for socialisation is in the first few months, this is when they are learning what is safe and what should be avoided. Experiences during this time can have a life long effect on confidence and behaviour.

If you've been told you should wait until 2 weeks after their second set of vaccinations, please read these articles:


The British Veterinary Association

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour

Utmost care will be taken with puppies who haven't received their second vaccinations. You will be given a mat to work on, I will ask you to carry pups from the car to your mat and we won't do greetings in the first week. Socialisation is about learning to feel safe around different dogs not meeting every dog so this will not reduce the experience in any way. 

If your puppy is older then 5 months please contact me so we can discuss which would be the best class

Doesn't my puppy need to meet lots of puppies, big and small to be well-socialised?

No, they don't and sometimes it's detrimental. The fact is that big puppies often simply don't know their own size. Combined with the fact that they are just babies themselves who are still just learning social skills, this can be overwhelming for smaller puppies.


So, the best way for puppies to learn that big dogs can be safe not scary, is to meet a calm, adult dog This is why we'll have a visiting dog for your puppy to meet.


Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to socialisation and puppies learn best when they feel safe. A small class of puppies their own size helps learn, setting them on the right path to grow into confident adults.

I like the idea of the morning class but my children will be at school

If you want your children to learn about puppy training but like the idea of coming to class without having to deal with "I'm bored/need a wee/need a drink"(!) there is a solution. If you select Platinum when you book your place, you'll get 2 extra private coaching sessions where I can come to your home and teach your children how to train and how to understand what your puppy is saying.

That said, children are always welcome to come to class so don't worry if you don't have childcare. I'm a mum of two and understand how challenging it can be!

Whether children come or not, I have child friendly versions of my handout sheets available which will give you ways of getting them involved while avoiding frustration in both children and your puppy.

What can I do after puppy class?

There will be a follow-on class in which you can start working towards the IMDT Partnership Grade certificates. There are 6 grades which involve a variety of challenges of increasing difficulty. There is something for every dog including obedience skills, agility, searches and retrieves. This is a rolling class so you can work at your own pace with these. There are certificates and rosettes for each level. 

The IMDT Partnership Grade class is only available to existing or previous clients (puppy or one-to-one) so you'll be given booking details directly.

Check out the Tips & Advice page for behaviour and training articles as well as the Kids and Dogs page for ideas about how to get children involved while preventing bites and nips

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