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One-to-One Puppy Training



£75 (£40 if you've already had a Zoom)

Single consultation to help get you off on the right track or provide reassurance.

Written training plan and handouts to refer back to after my visit.

Email or phone me if you are finding something difficult



£165 (£130 if you've already had a Zoom)

Initial consultation to meet puppy, review home and garden set up, discuss routines, and problems and devise a training plan. Followed by two further sessions in your local area or at your home

Written training plan or follow-up and handouts after each session

Email or phone support between sessions

You'll receive an email or call from me to arrange your appointment time within 24 hours


£35 (30-45 mins)

Single consultation to help get you off on the right track or provide reassurance.

Written or recorded account of our discussion for you to refer back to. 

When an in person training session is booked with me after a Zoom, the cost of the Zoom is taken off.

You'll receive an email or call from me to arrange your appointment time within 24 hours

You'll receive an email or call from me to arrange your appointment time within 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a dog trainer?

Engaging a qualified and accredited dog trainer ensures you are being given up-to-date, science-backed, ethical methods of training. While you can get all sorts of "how to" suggestions from Google and social media, there is a great deal of outdated advice that can make problems worse, not better. 

Training is a bit like baking. You can follow a recipe you've found in a book or online but what happens when you've got slightly different ingredients and the results aren't quite as expected? Knowing what to change, how much to change, and when is where I come in. Like a coach of any skill or sport, I observe you, I observe your puppy, and help you make the changes that will make all the difference.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the individual. I aim to help you understand your puppy and teach you how to train and and overcome problems not to create long-term dependency on me: It's you who will be living with your puppy for the next 12 years or more! Within 3 sessions most people have a much better understanding of why their puppy is behaving in certain ways, and what to do about it and are seeing clear improvements. After this, you can book single catch up sessions or further blocks of 3 if you'd like to continue getting support. 

What can I expect from a private puppy training session?

The first consultation will be either at your home or via Zoom if you prefer. Based on my observations about your puppy, I will help you predict the things they might find difficult and how to overcome them. I can help with: 

- Understanding the needs of different breeds and deciding which would be best for you and your lifestyle

- Puppy proofing your home and garden in ways that make training easier

- Knowing how to train and what to start with

- How to stop puppy biting, house training, crying, barking and other common problems

- Understanding body language so you know what pup is telling you, when they need more help and how to prevent biting getting worse

- Teaching children about puppies including; how to introduce your puppy to children, positive ways they can interact and preventing your puppy from biting and chasing your children

- Introducing your puppy to your older dog


Training and behaviour solutions are tailored to your puppy's personality and needs and your circumstances to ensure they are achievable and sustainable.

After my visit, I will follow up with a customised, easy-to-follow, written plan so you have something to refer back to. Anyone who has worked with me, even if a while ago, is always welcome to email or phone with any questions

What areas do you cover?

I work with people around the Hythe and Waterside, Lymington Romsey, Eastleigh and Southampton areas of Hampshire. 

How to book or get more information

You can book online using the Book and Pay now button below. As soon as I receive the notification I will contact you to arrange a date and time. Alternatively if you'd prefer to call or email you can use the 'Contact me' button or Book a call calendar and I will return your call/message.

For Puppy classes, you can book online or send me a message

Check out the Tips & Advice page for puppy training articles as well as resources for children including how understanding the language of dogs help prevent bites and nips.

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