Dog Training



Home visit or Zoom where I discuss with you the best set up, equipment, routines and approaches to training and socialisation to set your puppy up for success. I will also talk about common puppy problems and how to address them as well as answering any questions you might have. 


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One-to-one training at your home or on a walk. I will talk to you about how dogs learn and show you how to use this to teach life skills such as loose lead and recall. I will also teach you how to build your puppy's confidence and resilience. Sessions and locations will be tailored according to your individual puppy's needs

£60 (£150 per 3)

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One-to-one consultation and training either at your home or on a walk. I will discuss with you, your dog's history, health, what motivates them and what problems you have been having. This also gives me an opportunity to observe your dog and from all this we will develop and start working on a plan to help you and your dog

£60 (£150 per 3)